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Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Lake

Lake Surface Water Temperature


The lakes CCI project aims to generate an internally consistent ECV including of five domains:

  • Lake water level (LWL):a proxy fundamental to understand the balance between water inputs and water loss and their connection with regional and global climate changes.
  • Lake Water Extent (LWE): a proxy for change in glacial regions (lake expansion) and drought in many arid environments, water extent relates to local climate for the cooling effect that water bodies provide.
  • Lake Surface Water temperature (LSWT): correlated with regional air temperatures and a proxy for mixing regimes, driving biogeochemical cycling and seasonality.
  • Lake Ice Cover (LIC): freeze-up in autumn and advancing break-up in spring are proxies for gradually changing climate patterns and seasonality.
  • Lake Water-Leaving Reflectance (LWLR): a direct indicator of biogeochemical processes and habitats in the visible part of the water column (e.g. seasonal phytoplankton biomass fluctuations), and an indicator of the frequency of extreme events (peak terrestrial run-off, changing mixing conditions) for an initial set of 250 lakes (v1) which is generated using existing algorithms. This dataset corresponds to the state of the art at the beginning of the project and it offers an homogenization of the five products that comprise the lakes ECV.

This site is dedicated to the University of Reading contribution to the CCI Lake project, which is the lake surface water temperatures (LSWT). The LSWT are available in 2 forms:

  • LSWT at 1/120 degrees for the homogenised product available as v2.0.2 for 2024 lakes here and citable as
    Carrea, L.; Crétaux, J.-F.; Liu, X.; Wu, Y.; Bergé-Nguyen, M.; Calmettes, B.; Duguay, C.; Jiang, D.; Merchant, C.J.; Mueller, D.; Selmes, N.; Simis, S.; Spyrakos, E.; Stelzer, K.; Warren, M.; Yesou, H.; Zhang, D. (2022): ESA Lakes Climate Change Initiative (Lakes_cci): Lake products, Version 2.0.2. NERC EDS Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 06 July 2022. doi:10.5285/a07deacaffb8453e93d57ee214676304.
    and with the paper
    Carrea, L., Cretaux, J.-F., Liu, X., Wu, Y., Calmettes, B., Duguay, C. R., Merchant, C., Selmes, N., Simis, S. G. H., Warren, M., Yesou, H., Mueller, D., Jiang, D., Embury, O., Berge-Nguyen, M. and Albergel, C. (2023) Satellite-derived multivariate world-wide lake physical variable timeseries for climate studies. Scientific Data, 10 (1). 30. ISSN 2052-4463 doi:
  • LSWT at 1/20 degrees for continuity with the GloboLakes/C3S dataset. This product is currently only available upon request.