CGLOPS : LSWT Validation (SLSTR-A)
LSWT Validation (SLSTR-A)

10-day Lake Surface Water Temperature Validation - SLSTR-A instrument

The scientific validation of the CGLOPS 10-day LSWT data from observations of the SLSTR instrument on Sentinel3A is reported in this section. The time span of the dataset is from Nov-2016 to Dec-2018.

The validation has been carried out through comparison with independent in situ surface temperature measurements shown in Figure 1 for both the LSWT and the correspondent LSWT uncertainty.

The validation has been performed for each site where in situ measurements were available (Per site), for each lake (Per lake) and for the correspondent uncertainty. The complete report on the validation can be found at the CGLOPS LSWT site.

Figure 1. In situ measurements sites for 10-day LSWT from the SLSTR-A instrument.