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Earth Temp

Surface Temperature Network (EarthTemp)


Archived for Reference (last updated in 2016)

EarthTemp is a network to stimulate new international collaboration in measuring and understanding the surface temperatures of Earth. It involves experts specialising in different types of measurement of surface temperature, who do not usually meet. Our motivation is the need for better understanding of in situ measurements and satellite observations to quantify surface temperature as it changes from day to day, month to month. Knowing about surface temperature variations matters because these affect ecosystems and human life, and the interactions of the surface and the atmosphere (for more details, see Motivation and objectives and Research context).

The network is organised around annual themes and workshops. In the first year (2012), we focussed on Taking the temperature of the Earth: Temperature Variability and Change across all Domains of Earth's Surface. This is an inclusive question, designed to bring together research communities and develop a full picture of common research needs and aspirations. The second year (2013) discussed Characterising surface temperatures in data-sparse and extreme regions (with focus on high-latitude domains). 2014, the third year of the project, looked at Delivering and exploiting surface temperature observations in key land regions, with a focus on Africa. The focus of the fourth year (2015) is the complexity of urban surface temperatures.