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ARC Lakes

ARC Lakes (Phase-1 and Phase-2)

The initial phase of the ARC-Lake project will focus on only large lakes, with surface areas > 500 km2 as defined in Lehner and Doll (2004) and Herdendorf (1982). In addition to the surface area criterion for selecting target lakes, the following types of water bodies are not included:

  • intermittent or ephemeral
  • reservoirs
  • lagoon areas (some large individual lagoons are included)

In addition to lakes meeting the criteria above, ten additional lakes have been added at the request of the user group and in response to recent publications.

The locations of the 263 selected lakes for Phases 1 and 2 of ARC-Lake are shown in Figure 1 below. Basic information for each lake, including links to download the ARC-Lake data products, can be retrieved by clicking on each blue dot. This information is also given in Table 1. Note that the unique lake IDs used in the ARC-Lake project match those of the Global Lakes and Wetlands Database (Lehner and Doll, 2004). Further details of the lake selection strategy for phase 1 and 2 are provided in Technical Note 1

Figure 1. Lake locations for v1 and v2 ARC-Lake data products.

Table 1. List of lakes for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of ARC-Lake.
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