Globolakes : ARC Lakes (Phase 3)
ARC Lakes (Phase 3)

ARC Lakes (Phase 3)

In the third phase of the ARC-Lake project the initial set of target lakes has been extended to include smaller lakes, reservoirs and lakes with highly variable surface area (e.g. ephemeral lakes). The locations of the initial 1628 target water bodies for Phase-3 are shown in Figure 1 below. Basic information for each lake, including links to download the ARC-Lake data products, can be retrieved by clicking on each blue dot. This information is also given in Table 1. Further details of the target selection strategy for Phase-3 are provided in Technical Note 2.

Figure 1. Lake locations for v3 ARC-Lake data products.

Table 1. List of lakes for Phase 3 of ARC-Lake. Where no name is given for the lake name, no information is present in the Global Lakes and Wetlands Database.
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