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GloboLakes Lakes

GloboLakes Lakes

The GloboLakes target lakes include smaller lakes, reservoirs and lakes with highly variable surface area (e.g. ephemeral lakes). 1000 lakes have been selected on the base of minimum detectable lake size, average number of daytime observations per year, and size of detectable area in respect to total lake size. A lake has been classified as detectable for observations from ATRSs sensors. The majority of the selected lakes are also part of the Global Lakes and Wetlands Database Level 1 (GLWD-1) but few more has been added to ensure that the final list included water bodies that spanned a wide range of ecological characteristics.

The location of the 1000 GloboLakes lakes are shown in the map below. The icon in the map is positioned at the lake centre as defined in Lake centre.

The 1000 lakes GloboLakes lake list as a .csv file can be downloaded here and it includes:

  • lake ID
  • lake name
  • country
  • latitude and longitude of lake centre (as the point furthest from land)
  • maximum distance from land
  • lat/lon coordinates of a box surrounding the lake

The names, IDs, and lake centre of the lakes are given in the table below.