Globolakes : GlobolakesPP

Global Observatory of Lake Responses to Environmental Changes (GloboLakes)

ATSR and MetOpA processing for climate: Lake Surface Water Temperature

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The University of Reading contribution to the GloboLakes project is to develop robust algorithms for retrieving Lake Surface Water Tempertaure (LSWT) at global scale quantifying uncertainty estimates.

The ARCLake project have generated accurate and consistent LSWT time series from ATRS sensors for more than 250 lakes globally from 1995 to 2009.

GloboLakes aims to achieve a finer spatial resolution of the LSWT for a large set of lakes and for an extended period of time. In particular, the data product will consist mainly on LSWT for 1000 tagert lakes from 1995 up to the present time at a spatial resolution of 0.025 deg.

An initial data product consists on the target lake mask and a novel lake centre definition described in Lake Masks.